2009-11-02Fullhan successfully attended Shenzhen CPSE 2009

Fullhan successfully attended Shenzhen CPSE 2009

With the latest released FH8735/FH8736 series H.264 multi-channel HD video encoders and solutions, Fullhan Microelectronics took part in CPES2009 on Nov.1st-4th in Shenzhen, China. FH8735/FH8736 series encoders support H.264 Baseline/Main Profile, being capable of 8-channel D1, 2-channel 720p or 1-channel 1080i HD real-time encoding and audio encoding and providing various video pre-process and post-process functions.

In the expo, Fullhan demonstrated on-site FH8735/FH8736 based solutions and products inc. 4/16-channel D1 E-DVR, 4-channel D1 DVR, 4-channel D1 DVS, HD box IPCAM and HD video conf. IPCAM. The outstanding performance of Fullhan products and solutions, in whatever surroundings and lighting conditions, had attracted a lot of domestic and overseas visitors, and the superior video algorithm wholly developed and owned by Fullhan further convinced visitors and users.