2009-10-22Fullhan launches FH8735/FH8736 series H.264 video encoder and solutions

Fullhan Microelectronics, a leading provider of advanced video codec IPs and chips for the next generation multimedia applications, today announced availability of its FH8735/FH8736 series H.264 video encoder and solutions. FH8735/FH8736 series encoders provide high-performance encoding engine to speed up the high definition trend in surveillance market. FH8735/FH8736 solutions of HD IPCAM, 4Ch. D1 DVS, 16Ch. CIF DVR and 16Ch. D1 DVR can easily be integrated into public security surveillance, conference recording system, etc.

FH8735: the most high-performance H.264 encoder and its DVR solutions

FH8735 H.264 encoder ASIC supports H.264 Main Profile and Baseline Profile. It enables 8 channel 480i/576i or 2 channel 1280×720 video real-time encoding. It provides various pre-process functions and I/O interfaces, such as de-interface, de-noise, graphic and text OSD, scalar, motion detection, etc. It also has flexible audio/video input unit which enables simultaneously receiving 16-channel BT.656, 8 channel stereo audio inputs. The video input unit can be configured to receive two HD video. 

FH8735’s typical applications include DVR card, embedded DVR and others products requiring high definition and multi-channel video encoding.

FH8735 supports standard 33MHz PCI interface, which makes integration with existing DSP based DVR solution fast and straightforward. DVR manufacturers can adopt FH8735 instead of former several DSP chips of the existing DVR to effectively enhance video quality and realize extension of channels. Re-using customer’s existing software make it possible to keep compliance with the former solution, substantially reduce system BOM, minimize the learning curve, ensure the reliability and shorten its time-to-market.

FH8736: High-performance H.264 encoder SoC and its IP camera, DVS solutions

FH8736 H.264 encoder SoC supports H.264 Main Profile and Baseline Profile. It enables 1-channel 1920x1080 or 4-channel 480i/576i H.264 encoding and multi-channel audio encoding. It provides high definition real-time encoding engine for new generation IP Camera.

With 240MHz RISC CPU, FH8736 allows multi-user access, bi-direction talking, motion detection, etc. Its video input unit is able to receive digital video from CMOS/CCD module, video decoder, LVDS receiver, HDMI receiver, etc. Targeted video surveillance application, FH8736 supports extensive video pre-process and bit stream control function inc. de-Interlace, de-Noise, motion detection, graphic and text OSD, etc. It also has SD2.0/SDIO/MMC interface and 33MHz PCI which enable local storage and wireless module extension. 

What’s more, FH8736 supports 4-channel BT.656 video input which enables realizing IP camera and DVS solutions based on the same chip platform.

Fullhan Microelectronics will provide its SDK and platform and help customer quickly complete product development and hit mass production.SDKPlease visit www.fullhan.com and contact Fullhan for more information. www.fullhan.com。