2009-09-07Fullhan launches H.264 HD IP Camera and DVS solutions

      On 3rd Sept. 2009, Fullhan Microelectronics launches H.264 HD IP camera and digital video surveillance solutions. There are three reference designs: HD box IP camera, HD video conference IP camera and multi-channel DVS.

       HD box IP camera adopts high performance 8 D1 H.264 encoder, with resolution up to 2 mega pixel (1920x1080). Characterized by superior video algorithm, higher compression ratio and more flexibility, it supports 25 frames per second real-time encoding, realizing functions inc. keep alive, alarm, user management. It has 1/2.5 " CMOS sensor and PoE power supply (IEEE802.3af) and outputs standard TS. 

 It can be applied to road and toll-gate monitor as well as surveillance of hotel, supermarket, bank, prison, law court, hospital, factory, etc.

       Up to 2 mega pixel (1920x1080) resolution, HD video conference IP camera supports 30 frames per second real-time encoding and it adopts 2.7 mega pixel resolution CMOS with its bitrates adjustable between 2M~8Mbps. It integrates MPEG4-AAC audio encoding and supports echo cancellation. It also supports 10 times optical zooming and remote manipulation. HD video conference IP camera can be applied to conference recording system, video conferencing system, distance learning, etc.

       Multi-channel DVS supports 2 channel 720p, 4 channel D1, 8 channel D1, 16 channel CIF H.264 encoding. It enables dual stream encoding and G.711, G.726 audio encoding. With video streaming server and web server, it supports remote monitor through IE browser, parameter configuration and upgrading, bitrate control, bi-direction talking, user management, alarm input/output, local recording, privacy region mask and motion detection. The host software supports multi-channel simultaneously playback, forward and backward.

       Fullhan Microelectronics has been working on researching and developing chips and solutions compliant with the latest domestic and international video compression standards for over five years. Its H.264 video decoders and encoders have been widely used in markets inc. video surveillance, digital TV, mobile TV, etc.

      Public security, in Chinese saying, is of greater significance even than Mount Tai, which is a symbol of importance. Presently, china is endeavoring to promote a harmonious society and safe living environment, while international community has been working together against violence and terrorism. Under such circumstances, Fullhan Microelectronics will continuously research and develop high-quality video surveillance products and solutions to meet customers’ ever growing needs.